He Came Back to Life Before Our Eyes: The Story of Baxter

December 24, 2015

Did you see Baxter’s story on TV? You can make a difference for animals like Baxter with your monthly gift today. Not only will your gift make a difference in the lives of animals across the country, you’ll also receive a limited-edition ASPCA T-shirt and membership welcome kit.

It was a hot day in June when we first met Baxter. The tiny pup’s soulful eyes welled with gratitude when we rescued him, along with more than 300 other animals, from a neglectful shelter in Moulton, Alabama. He could barely breathe when we found him, and it was clear that the three-month-old puppy had already experienced more suffering than most dogs will ever know.

Baxter was quickly diagnosed with a very serious, very contagious viral disease called distemper. He was in critical condition, coughing, struggling and weak—nothing like a playful puppy should be. It’s difficult to imagine what his fate would have been had we not been there to save him.

After his rescue, Baxter spent nearly a month in intensive care. Day after day, he grew a little bit stronger and a little bit happier: he was coming back to life before our very eyes. Finally, in August, he was one of more than 200 animals who found a home during a massive ASPCA adoption event. His new family, including 10- and 11-year-old brothers Matthew and Noah, couldn’t wait to shower him with all the love he had missed out on in his first few months of life. “You know when you see something and it’s the best?” Matthew exclaimed. “Well when I saw Baxter, I knew it!”

Now, not only is Baxter happy and thriving, but he also has a family to cuddle with this holiday season. And that is the beautiful gift that you can give when you donate to the ASPCA. It is only through the generosity of people like you that we can directly help thousands of animals in dire situations just like Baxter, and help create so many more happy homes.