Hay Horse Lover, Did You Miss Hooftober? NEIGH-ver Fear!

October 15, 2020

Girl petting horse

Earlier this month, from October 3-11, we threw open the virtual barn doors and invited you to join us online to meet a horse. During this period, which we dubbed Hooftober, viewers tuned in approximately 20,000 times over the course of the event to learn more about horses, equine rescue and adoption.

The best part? Hooftober may officially be “Hooft-over,” but you can still explore all the great content and meet horses virtually.

Hoof it online and catch the Hooftober highlights:

Peppermint the horse

To get started, join ASPCA's Vice President of Equine Welfare, Dr. Emily Weiss, and Program Director of The Right Horse Initiative, Christie Schulte Kappert, to learn more about equine adoption and the lifechanging joy that comes from adopting a horse. Plus, get up-close and personal with adoptable horse Peppermint Patti! Watch now.

New Vocations Racehorse Adoption

Join New Vocations Racehorse Adoption for a tour of their Lexington, Kentucky, facility and an inside look at their process of retiring Thoroughbreds from the racetrack and retraining them for new careers and homes. Facility director Leandra Cooper also introduced us to four adoptable, newly retired racehorses: More Moet Pleez, Schade, Tiz Dreaming and Klugh. Watch now.

Horse with woman

Once you’ve learned about the process of retraining and rehoming Thoroughbred racehorses, learn more about equine adoption straight from the horse’s mouth! New Vocations adopter Brittney talks about her decision to bring Balance Due home and the dreams they share in the exciting sport of eventing. Watch now.


You’ve probably heard of Thoroughbreds, and maybe the American Quarter Horse and a few other breeds—but have you heard of the American Saddlebred? Often referred to as “the horse America made,” this special breed is prized for their beauty, intelligence and kindness. The American Saddlebred Legacy Foundation supports the breed by rehabilitating, retraining and rehoming American Saddlebreds. Learn more about the breed and meet some of their adopted horses. Watch now.

If you’re interested in learning more about horses and supporting at-risk horses by promoting adoption, visit My Right Horse. There you can browse hundreds of adoptable horses, learn more about the adoption process, and easily share your favorite horses on social media to help connect the right horse to the right person.