Have Hammond or Rubie Stolen Your Heart?

November 18, 2021

Sweet pups, Hammond and Rubie, are looking for homes in North Carolina. Read on to find out if either one of these dogs is your match made in heaven!

Handsome Hammond

We first met five-year-old Hammond after he had been removed from an overcrowded situation with over 90 other dogs—and boy, has he come a long way! Though Hammond is mostly blind, that doesn’t stop him from being a playful, happy-go-lucky guy!

Hammond absolutely loves walks and adores any chance to use his nose. He especially enjoys walks with canine companions. He also loves treats, petting and handling once he gets to know you. For Hammond, being blind means taking a bit longer to get the lay of the land, so he can be shy at first while he gets adjusted. But give him time and wiggle room to discover all the great things life has to offer and he will deliver you smiles and laughs with his silly antics and brave heart!

Hammond would love an adopter to support his “go with the flow” lifestyle who understands that going to a new home can be scary—especially for a blind pup. He’d be super happy to have a canine friend to help him continue to build confidence and pace his way through familiarizing himself with new situations.

If Hammond sounds like your dream come true, please email [email protected] to submit an application! 

Radiant Ruby

Rubie is our resident puzzle master! This clever and adventurous girl has a penchant for puzzles and playing ball. Rubie is an affectionate, loving girl who can’t get enough belly rubs. She plays independently with mind toys and adores long walks but also has a blast being social and playing with confident dog friends.

It may take Rubie a while to warm up to new people, but once she does, she is curious, playful and goofy! She has more fun around other dogs that adjust their playstyle to accommodate her exuberance.

Rubie would love to go to a home in a quieter neighborhood as she can be nervous in high traffic areas. An adopter who wants to help her burn through some of her energy while hiking or raking road trips to explore the world together is key!

If Rubie sounds like your perfect match, please email [email protected] to submit an application!