Guilty Verdict Handed Down in Bronx Dogfighting Case

August 23, 2018

a rescued dog

In May 2017, the ASPCA assisted the NYPD in the seizure of 11 dogs from a property in the Bronx after receiving complaints from neighbors. After arriving on the scene, responders discovered many of the dogs being held in small, cramped wooden kennels in various states of distress. 

The condition of some of the dogs, combined with the environment in which they were living, as well as other evidence led authorities and prosecutors to believe that the defendant, Rasheed Richardson, was keeping these animals for dogfighting purposes. Richardson was charged with conspiracy to possess, train and buy dogs for participation in an animal fighting venture and animal fighting. 

a rescued dog

Tonks was one of the 11 dogs found on Richardson's property in May. She has since found a loving home. 

Last week, a jury saw video footage of both the conditions of the defendant’s property and of dogs that the prosecutor alleged Richardson intended to buy for use in fights. The second video had graphic imagery of a dogfight in which one dog was pitted against another dog. 

We are pleased to announce that Richardson was found guilty on all charged counts. Sentencing will be held later this year. 

“Dogfighting is a brutal act that simply cannot be tolerated in our society,” said Howard Lawrence, Vice President, ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement. “Dogs trapped in this heinous blood sport live untold lives of isolation, violence and even death, all for the sake of profit. Fortunately, steadfast investigation and prosecution from the NYPD and the U.S. Attorney’s Office have shone a critical light on this horrific crime and allowed the ASPCA to help these dogs—and hopefully others—avoid future suffering.”   

a rescued dog

After her rescue, Fleur also went on to become a beloved pet.

Following their removal from the property, Richardson’s victims received care and rehabilitation at the ASPCA, and several have since found loving homes. Though we cannot erase the suspected trauma inflicted upon these innocent animals, we can continue to work with the NYPD and local law enforcement to ensure that justice is served for those involved in this deplorable blood sport.