Golden Girl Shaney Is Looking for an Adopter!

July 14, 2021

Gray and white cat

If you’re looking for a lap cat in the New York City area, oh boy, do we have the kitty for you! Shaney is an affectionate and friendly cat looking for an adopter in the New York City area who will giver her all the pets she could ever want! Meet Shaney today! When she’s not seeking attention or playing with toys, Shaney loves to curl up in a dark, cozy spot like a pile of laundry. She has been described as a mellow, well-behaved cat, so if a gentle sweetheart is what you want, Shaney is your girl. 

Shaney’s new family should know that she has some medical needs, including a special diet, that our staff would be happy to tell you all about. 

If Shaney sounds like the kitty for you, check out her profile! Not ready to take on a cat but still want to help? Let your friends and family know that Shaney needs a home! 

Gray and white cat getting chin scratch

Gray and white cat coming out of box

Gray and white cat in box

Gray and white cat getting pet