A Golden Choice; Adopt a Senior Horse!

November 9, 2021


It’s Adopt a Senior Pet month, and senior horses can bring the same love and joy to the lives of their owners as any other animal! Choosing to adopt a senior horse has numerous benefits, one of those being the satisfaction of knowing you’re providing love and care to a special horse during his or her golden years.

Another benefit of bringing a senior horse home is the years of experience and wisdom they bring to the relationship with their new adopter. Senior horses can be a wonderful choice for a first-time horse owner looking to learn the ropes and experience the joys of equine companionship. Similarly, senior horses often make great companions for younger children and can patiently teach budding equestrians how to properly groom and care for a horse.

Senior horses can also have a calming effect on younger, more energetic horses. They’re not only great friends for people– hey make wonderful companions for other horses. Senior horses have often “been there, done that” and have experience that makes them calm, confident and easier to handle in many settings.

Many older horses enjoy the daily exercise and purpose that comes from being ridden or participating in a non-riding discipline. There are tons of activities, both mounted and unmounted, that adopters can enjoy with senior equines. If you have dreams of tackling the trails or galloping on the beach, don’t discount the golden oldies waiting to charm their way into your home and heart. And if you would prefer to keep both feet on the ground, a senior horse could be the perfect fit to try your hand at equine agility, trick training or showmanship!

Are you convinced that you need to bring a senior horse home? Great! Take the first step and meet some of the adoptable senior horses looking for homes right now:

Copper Bar Investor


Copper is a sweet 30-year-old American Quarter Horse available for adoption from the Humane Society of North Texas in Fort Worth. Copper brings infinite wisdom and kindness to his human relationships and is an outstanding candidate for a first-time horse owner looking for a horse to love.



You’ll have the flashiest horse in the barn if you bring home the aptly named Spot! Spot is a dapper 28-year-old gelding available for adoption from Horses’ Haven in Howell, Michigan. Spot is an intelligent fellow and is known around the barn for his curiosity and inquisitive personality.



Handsome and calm Hawk would make a great addition to anyone’s family. Twenty-one-year-old Hawk hasn’t previously been ridden, but since coming to the Kentucky Equine Adoption Center (KyEAC) in Lexington, Kentucky, he’s been introduced to a saddle and bridle. If his future adopter wants to continue his training, the team at the KyEAC thinks he shows potential to make a lovely riding horse.



At 29 years of age, regal Pharoah still has plenty of spunk! A registered Arabian gelding, Pharoah will brighten your day with his beauty, grace and infectious spirit. Pharoah enjoys light rides around the property but also appreciates the life of leisure and could happily be a companion horse for his new family.



Calling all Mustang fans! Meet Libby; a stunning, older Kiger Mustang mare. Libby was a well-traversed trail horse in her youth and now has plenty of wisdom and lessons to teach her future adopter. She’s calm and levelheaded in almost any situation and would be a wonderful fit for someone looking to adopt their first horse.

Not quite sure any of these golden oldies are your #RightHorse? There’s more! Visit our equine adoption site, myrighthorse.org, to browse hundreds of adoptable horses nationwide by breed, discipline, location and more. If you’re not ready to adopt, share the profiles of adoptable horses on social media and with your community to help connect them to adoptive homes.