Former Dogfighting Victims Are Living Their Goodest Lives

April 2, 2019

bad dogs listicle

They aren’t bad, they’re just told that they are. Too often, sweet and lovable animals are labeled unfairly, just because of how they look or what their pasts might be. That’s especially true for victims of dogfighting.  

For many dogs who have been forced to fight, healing is only half the battle. The other half is finding a home where they are able to leave their pasts behind and begin anew. Though many people like you already know just how incredible these survivors can be, it’s up to us to continue to show the world just why dogs like these should have a chance to be seen for who they truly are. 

See the photos below as these bold, “bad” boys and girls show off just how good their lives are now.

Since being rescued from dogfighting, Ginny likes to show off her supermodel skills.

Or lounge lakeside with her pet parents!


Holstein likes to practice his especially “derpy” face while getting all the love from his human sisters.

Buddy likes to say “CHEESE!”

When he’s not out adventuring, of course.

Xander likes to catch some Z’s.

And so does Kermit!

Bam prefers to spend his time with smaller species.

He’s also become quite the nanny!

Anoush shows some extra special love during an ASPCA photoshoot.

But his favorite snuggle times are with mom and dad!

Franny has made herself the mayor of her local dog park.

When she’s not cuddling with dad!

Ursula prefers to take it easy with her mom by her side.

Orson is always up for a party…

Or a visit with his best buddies! 

Whatever they are doing, rest assured that these dogs are now living the lives they were supposed to live. They’ve likely seen things we can’t even begin to fathom, but looking at them now, could you ever imagine that these sweet, goofy dogs were meant to be anything other than loving pets? 

As we honor National Dogfighting Awareness Day on April 8, we hope you will help us in spreading awareness and fighting back against the stereotypes that stem from this heinous form of cruelty. You can also take action to help dogfighting victims find loving homes faster by signing our HEART Act petition today.