First "Winter Storm Juno" Adoption at the ASPCA

January 27, 2015

First "Winter Storm Juno" Adoption at the ASPCA

What do you do you when your city is covered in a blanket of white snow? Adopt a black cat, of course! Georgia R. of Manhattan adopted Juno (also known as Milo), a three-year-old domestic shorthair cat, Tuesday morning at the ASPCA Adoption Center. He was the first ASPCA animal to be adopted since Winter Storm Juno struck the Northeast on Monday.

Georgia had been thinking about getting a cat for a couple of months. When she awoke this morning in the wake of the snowfall, she knew today was the day, and she walked 10 snowy blocks from her home to the ASPCA Adoption Center in New York City.

Georgia grew up with two cats and missed having a feline friend. She spotted the 15-lb. Juno laid back in her enclosure and immediately took to her. Upon meeting, Juno began purring, head-butting, and getting cozy in her lap. That’s when Georgia decided he was “the one.”

“You just know when it’s right,” she said.

Congratulations to this new duo. There’s nothing better than a pet to keep you snug and warm during these cold winter months!

For a blizzard-buddy of your own, check out available animals at the ASPCA Adoption Center.