Find Puppy Love This Valentine’s Day Without Supporting Puppy Mills

February 8, 2022

two puppies being held by a woman in a striped shirt

Puppy love is real. 

Sadly, so is cruel breeding. Dogs in puppy mills live without love–they’re bred for profit and kept in tiny cages, all to keep the inhumane puppy industry in business.

If you are looking for puppy love this Valentine’s Day, here’s how to find the perfect pup without supporting puppy mills:

L is for lies. Pet stores say their puppies come from responsible breeders, but that is not true. Good breeders simply don’t sell puppies to pet stores. Commercial breeding facilities (also known as puppy mills) keep the pipeline flooded with enough puppies to supply stores all over the United States. 

O is for online. Buying a dog online is equally risky. Seeing images of cute puppies for sale can be tempting! But how can you tell if the seller you’re chatting with online is a responsible, caring dog breeder or if it is a puppy mill operator? Most likely, you can’t. You also can’t always know if a puppy you see online even exists, or if his parents live in a tiny, filthy cage in the backyard. In the end, the best way to avoid becoming a victim of an online puppy scam and inadvertently supporting cruel breeding is to not buy a puppy online.

V is for value. Only $100 down? Sounds great! But is it? The pet industry wants to make a quick buck, and deception is the name of their game. Puppies from puppy mills can cost thousands of dollars, but a monthly payment plan can make it seem more reasonable. Pet stores and online sellers regularly use confusing and high-pressure sales tactics to trick people into signing a lease or high-interest financing plan for their new puppy. 

E is for expectations. Finding the perfect puppy from a shelter or rescue organization, or identifying a reputable breeder, can take time. New dogs arrive daily at shelters and rescues, and you may want to meet multiple pups before choosing your next little love. If you work with a good breeder, they will want the best for their dogs and may only occasionally have puppies available. Having a waitlist for a puppy can be a good sign that the breeder prioritizes love over profit. 

The right dog is waiting for you, so when you’re ready to find puppy love, remember these tips to avoid the cruel puppy mill industry! Here’s more information on finding the right puppy.