Find Out What Orson’s Been Dreaming Of!

October 4, 2018


Some things take time. And for some, finding “the one,” can take a little more time than expected. 

Over the past year, we’ve worked hard to help find one special shelter dog a home. In his time with us, Orson has been shaking paws and kissing faces all over New York City—he even got a chance to cuddle actor Sir Patrick Stewart! And all of this has been provided for Orson not only to help him be seen by the right adopter, but as a chance for him to learn how much love there is in the world for a dog like him. But we’d rather let Orson tell you his own story. View his video below!

Orson’s accomplished so much here. But he’s heard his biggest adventure yet will be the one he’s been waiting this entire year for—a chance to finally go home. Orson’s come a long way with us, but will he find the love he’s been looking for? Tune in on October 19 to see Part Two of lovable Orson’s story! In the meantime, visit our #FindYourFido campaign to learn more about how you can take action for shelter dogs just like Orson!