From Fearful to Fun-Loving: Matilda Is Ready for a Home

June 17, 2020


Long walks, hugs and kisses, plushy toys, delicious treats and warm blankets are just a few of Matilda’s favorite things! This beautiful, bubbly, 1 ½-year-old pup recently graduated from the ASPCA Behavioral Rehabilitation Center (BRC) and needs some help finding a loving home in Western North Carolina. Matilda has made incredible progress at the ASPCA and wants nothing more than a companion—she hopes you are looking for the same thing.  


When Matilda gallops and pounces on a toy or bounds toward you with her tongue hanging out—you can’t help but smile! Knowing how far this sweet girl has come in her journey from being fearful to fun-loving is remarkable and we know that her future adopter is out there waiting for her.

Found among a litter of puppies living under a porch, a local animal shelter took Matilda and her siblings in. She was adopted but later returned when her adopter experienced a traumatic event. Matilda was very fearful, so the shelter reached out to the BRC for help. She was transferred to our care in September 2019, and we set to work helping this shy pup overcome her anxieties. 

More than eight months later, Matilda has a new lease on life and has blossomed into a fun, playful, goofy dog. She loves splashing in a kiddie pool, playing with water from the hose, running with other dogs, fetching toys from her human friends, getting petted and riding around in the car with the windows down.

Matilda playing in a pool

Matilda has thrived in our care! Her journey took time and patience. But once we discovered some of Matilda’s favorite things—playtime with dogs, toys and humans—we quickly learned that she can actually be quite a social butterfly!

Matilda running

“What I can say about Matilda is that once she has her breakthrough with you, she thinks you’re her best friend,” says Tim Molina, a Behavior Specialist at the BRC and long-time friend of Matilda. “She makes you feel so loved—like you've always been friends. Her tail swishes side to side every time you walk by her kennel. It's the best greeting when you first get to work. What amazes me? She develops this same relationship with everyone that spends time getting to know her.”

Matilda playing with dog friends

Matilda’s daily schedule has been packed with playtime, enrichment, relaxation and exploring new places outside like parks or neighborhoods. A consistent schedule helps her continue to learn and grow every day, becoming more comfortable meeting new faces and being in unfamiliar environments.


Although Matilda can be timid at first, yummy treats, patience and playtime are truly the key to her heart. Once you share your love with Matilda, she is eager to return that love and form a lasting friendship. She is loyal, spunky, fun, friendly and wants nothing more than a companion. She hopes you are looking for the same thing. 

Prior to taking Matilda home, we’re looking for adopters who can make a few visits to the BRC in Weaverville, NC, to get to know Matilda in a familiar setting. If you live in the area and are interested in adopting Matilda, please reach out to [email protected] today. And please help us spread the word so Matilda can find a new home soon!