Father and Son Reunited Through Horse Adoption

May 13, 2021

two horses

Amie S. is a passionate supporter of adoption, which is quickly evident when you see the many adopted animals she and her children adore at their Michigan farm. However, they had never adopted a horse—simply because they didn’t know it was possible. That is, until an email from Julie Goodnight, an Industry Partner of The Right Horse Initiative, changed everything. 

Julie was fostering and training a horse from the ASPCA Regional Support Center in Oklahoma City when she sent an email about his progress to her subscribers. In the email, she mentioned the ASPCA’s equine adoption program, The Right Horse Initiative, and included a link to our adoptable horse listing site, myrighthorse.org. Amie was pleasantly surprised to find that one of the program’s Adoption Partners was right in her community.

Finding the #RightHorse

Shortly after receiving the email, Amie and her family found themselves touring Horses’ Haven’s facility and meeting several adoptable horses. The family almost immediately fell in love with a previously unsocialized horse named Dante. While he’d only been handled for a few months, Dante’s kind and gentle demeanor instantly won them over. His trusting and quiet nature convinced Amie that he was the one, and she adopted a horse for the first time.

Because Dante only had a few months of training, the family contacted a local trainer to continue his progress. The trainer often remarked on his exceptional temperament, and Amie hoped someday they could add another horse as exceptional as Dante to her family.

It Takes a Team

Amie with one of the horses

Amie’s  encounter with Dante was made possible because of a budding new collaboration between several of the ASPCA’s Right Horse Partners. While it’s a common practice to transport dogs and cats between shelters to areas where they’ll have a better chance of  finding an adopter, this is still a relatively new practice for horses but is already having a lifesaving impact.

Dante found his way to Michigan via just such a transport. He’d originally been cared for by the Kentucky Humane Society, which serves a community with a high number of horses needing help. By transferring Dante and several of his herd-mates to Horses’ Haven, they were able to find loving homes faster and both organizations were able to help more horses. It was a win-win for all involved, especially Amie, who now can’t imagine life without her beloved Dante.

Still, she kept wondering if they’d ever be able to find a second horse for the family who is as wonderful as Dante. The partnership between Kentucky Humane Society and Horses’ Haven had another surprise for her. She received a call asking if she’d like to adopt another horse who had been part of Dante’s feral herd—Lance, who happened to be Dante’s son. Horses’ Haven was making a trip to Kentucky to pick up several other horses and could bring Lance back for Amie.

 Amie couldn’t contain her excitement and quickly agreed. Shortly after, Lance arrived at her farm and they eagerly reintroduced the father and son.

“From that first moment, they absolutely recognized each other and have been best friends since,” says Amie. “They are finally in their forever home and reunited, never to be separated again.” Amie acknowledges the power of collaboration between the ASPCA’s Right Horse Partners and is grateful to both groups for bringing Lance and Dante home, “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for bringing us the horses of our dreams.”

If you’re feeling inspired to find a #RightHorse of your own, visit our equine adoption portal myrighthorse.org to browse hundreds of adoptable horses nationwide.