Farm Animals Deserve Protection, Too! ASPCA Commends AZ. Gov. for Vetoing Dangerous Bill

March 31, 2015


At the ASPCA, we believe that all animals deserve to be protected under the law—and we’re thrilled to announce that Arizona Governor Doug Ducey agrees!

In a strong message to the industrial agriculture lobby, Governor Ducey issued his first-ever veto on H.B. 2150, a dangerous bill intended to roll back protections for farm animals—which, in Arizona, includes horses—by removing them from the state’s cruelty code and placing them in a separate section of law with weaker protections. If enacted, this bill would have also stripped municipalities of their abilities to pass stronger animal welfare and food safety standards, and could have impeded law enforcement from investigating animal abuse.

The veto comes at the heels of the ASPCA’s recently launched #OpenTheBarns campaign, a rallying cry for advocates to share their reasons to “open the barns” and protect the public’s right to know what is happening on America’s farms.

The ASPCA thanks Governor Ducey for honoring his commitment to animal welfare and standing with Arizona’s citizens by affirming that every animal deserves protection.

If you’re an Arizona resident, please call Governor Ducey’s office in Phoenix at (602) 542-4331 or visit our Advocacy Center to thank him for vetoing this bill.

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