A Family Chooses Puppies over Presents

December 28, 2015

Molly and her family

In mid-December, the ASPCA assisted in the rescue of more than 50 dogs from a puppy mill in Mio, Michigan. Adult dogs and puppies were found living in small wire cages in a filthy, crowded basement and in ramshackle outdoor pens. Many of the dogs had no access to food or water. We helped remove the animals and placed them in a temporary shelter, where they are receiving medical and behavioral exams and continued care.

The deployment to Michigan occurred the week before Christmas—when most are purchasing last-minute gifts and finalizing holiday plans. ASPCA team member Molly, who lives in New York City, and her parents chose to spend their holiday volunteering at the temporary shelter where these dogs are staying. Instead of their usual Christmas customs of unwrapping gifts and “eating non-stop,” they cared for the rescued puppies—feeding and socializing them, and even preparing a special holiday enrichment treat!

Molly and her parents holding pups
Janice holding puppy

“Volunteering on Christmas was a very special way of spending time with those who are needy and have four legs,” said Molly’s father, Roger. Her mother, Janice, added, “It was an experience that started with the intention of giving, but it turned out, instead, that we were on the receiving end.”

Molly is just one of the many ASPCA team members who embody the notion that we don’t take a holiday from helping animals. This holiday season, please remember the animals who are still in our care, who still need the ASPCA, and who, in turn, need you. Your donation today can help make holidays brighter for those who have suffered so much.

Molly speaks for us all when she says, “Knowing that these dogs will never go back to the deplorable conditions that they came from tops any other Christmas gift this holiday season.”