Exclusive Footage: ASPCA Assists Animals Impacted by California Mudslides

January 19, 2018

ASPCA volunteer carrying a cage

The ASPCA was on the ground in Montecito, California, at the request of Santa Barbara County Animal Services to help with animal search-and-rescue efforts in the aftermath of deadly mudslides. The devastating mudslides, which occurred more than a week ago as a result of torrential rain, displaced many residents and their pets. Working around the clock, together our teams have rescued more than 1,000 animals.

Dick Green bringing a dog to safety

A dog is brought to safety by Dick Green, Senior Director of ASPCA Disaster Response.

In addition to field search and rescue, the ASPCA assisted with home-checks for animals who were left behind when their families evacuated. “Even when every effort is made to prepare for emergency situations, there are times such as this when families are forced to evacuate from their homes at a moment’s notice and gathering pets in time to escape to safety is simply not an option,” said Dick Green, Senior Director of ASPCA Disaster Response. 

ASPCA search and rescue looking for lost pets

Animal search-and-rescue efforts included setting humane traps for pets who may have gotten loose.

Dick Green rescuing a chicken

Animals affected by this natural disaster include chickens, turtles, birds, ducks, cats and dogs.

Fortunately, the worst of the devastation seems to have passed, and families are being reunited with their beloved pets.

See the ASPCA’s work first-hand, helping to assist animals from danger and reuniting a beloved, displaced pet with her family.

The ASPCA is only able to respond to natural disasters and other cases where animals are in danger thanks to generous member support. In cases like mudslides, hurricanes, dog fighting operations or neglect, our immediate response is crucial. Please consider a special gift today to help us continue our life-saving services: because when lives are on the line, every second and every gift counts.