This Dynamic Duo Will Melt Your Heart

February 23, 2022

Meet Eileen and Lil Bear! These BFFs are more than ready to find a home together in the Los Angeles area.

Eileen is blind but that doesn’t slow her down one bit. She’s a happy, fearless, loveable beauty with a lust for kitty life. Plus, Lil Bear helps guide Eileen and makes her feel secure, comfortable and loved—how cute is that? Eileen is unbelievably intelligent and impresses her foster family every day with her attention to detail and instincts to explore, chase and play.

Lil Bear is an outgoing, social and very affectionate cat with a BIG heart. He is the ideal cat with the perfect mix of wanting to explore, play and lounge on a warm lap whenever possible—this guy just loves love! Lil Bear’s favorite toy is a feather wand. He will jump or run at full, cheetah-like speed to catch his “birdie.”

Eileen and Lil Bear can usually be found cuddling, wrestling or chasing each other, and both love pets and daily naps on your lap. Lil Bear is extremely helpful, gentle and protective with Eileen and even wears a bell collar so that Eileen knows where he is at all times.

If this perfect pair sounds like for the one for you, please complete our online adoption survey!