The Do’s and Don’ts for a Pet-Safe Super Bowl® Sunday

February 4, 2021

a light brown pitbull licking his lips

As Sunday nears, football fans are preparing to gear up for the big game, and while this year may not have the same big gathering you may be used to, there’s no shame in having the same big food spread! After all, what’s the Super Bowl® without all those delicious snacks? But, while you enjoy your treats, it’s important to pay close attention to your game-time munchies as they can be just as appealing to our furry friends. Between all the amazing plays and adorable commercials, keep in mind the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center’s (APCC) list of Super Bowl do’s and don’ts to keep your pets safe during the big game! 


Have a bowl of your pet’s regular food out, and maybe a few special treats, so that everyone can chow down this Sunday! Additionally, cleaning up your plates and other trash as you go will help keep curious noses out of potential hazardous foods. 


Feed or let your pet get into chicken wings, pizza, creamy dips, potato chips and chocolate desserts. Many game day snacks can cause stomach upset and even pancreatitis in pets. Any foods with garlic and/or onion in them can cause damage to the red blood cells and kidneys. Chocolate, macadamia nuts, grapes, raisins and salty foods can all be very dangerous to pets, so be sure to keep them all out of paw’s reach! While these few snacks are what we typically see in the lineup for the big game, there are plenty other hazardous foods on APCC’s list to look out for! 


Make sure to keep your glass with you! Just as snacks are a big part of the Super Bowl, alcoholic beverages tend to be as well, and they are just as dangerous to pets. To keep them safe, take your glass with you and put any alcoholic beverages or recreational substances somewhere your pet cannot get to. 

Additionally, make sure that any medications are kept sealed and away from pets. 


Leave alcoholic beverages or other recreational substances unattended. Jumping up as a player scores a touchdown is certainly cause for celebration, but watch out for sneaky pets lapping up drinks or substances while your attention is elsewhere. 

It’s also a lot more common nowadays for four-legged friends to get into marijuana and marijuana-infused baked goods, like brownies or chocolate, during the big game. Alcohol and marijuana— especially if in chocolate—can have dangerous effects on your pet. Keep in mind, it’s not uncommon for pets to find these items the following day as they may get left behind during clean-up.  

If you are planning to have a small gathering, it is possible a guest may bring along medications. Our snooping furry friends may find these in a pocket or purse left unattended and consume something harmful. Ask your guests to leave their personal items in another room with a door that shuts. 

Follow these do’s and don’t for a safe and fun Super Bowl Sunday with your best furry friends!

If you suspect your pet has been exposed to any poisonous substances or ingested anything harmful, contact your veterinarian or call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) at (888) 426-4435 immediately.