Dog Fighting Awareness Needs to Extend to Lawmakers, Too

April 9, 2015


Conducting a dog fight is a felony in all 50 states, but to truly crack down on this despicable blood sport, states need to pass laws giving law enforcement more tools to catch these criminals and deter this cruel activity. In recent months we’ve seen great legislative opportunities squandered, so we must redouble our efforts to raise awareness.

It is illegal in 49 states to own dogs for the purpose of fighting. Sadly, this past March the Kentucky Legislature failed to pass a bill that would have brought the Bluegrass State in line with the rest of the country, perpetuating its dishonorable distinction as a haven for dog fighters.

Similarly, 49 states have made it illegal to be a spectator at a dog fight, but earlier this week, April 7, Montana legislators voted down legislation that would have made it a crime to be a spectator at an animal fight. If you live in Montana, see how your state senator voted, and in honor of National Dog Fighting Awareness Day, please politely let him/her know how you feel about their vote (a Yes was a vote in support of this bill to strengthen penalties for dog fighting).

No matter where you live, it is critically important to raise awareness about dog fighting—as heinous an activity as it is, lawmakers around the country still need to receive the message. Please join the ASPCA Advocacy Brigade and we’ll let you know when anti-fighting bills are under consideration in your state.