Did You Guess This Horse’s Neigh-m Correctly?

May 18, 2023


We asked you if you could guess this horse’s name correctly. The options were: 

a. Paulie 

b. Bootsy

c. Spud

d. Georgie

And now it’s time to reveal his name! This handsome boy’s name is…Bootsy! If you guessed correctly, know that we’re clapping our hooves in a round of applause for you!

We’re happy to report that Bootsy has been adopted into a new home, but there are still many other Minis looking for adoptive homes, meet some of them below! 

Meet the real Spud


Spud will have you frying from laughter with his goofy looks and unforgettable, extroverted personality! Adopt this little tater tot today! 

Be the Lilo to our Stitch


This cutie will steal your heart and all your treats! But who can say no to this adorable face? Learn more about Stitch!

You’ll Love Little Lila


This Pinto Palomino is the perfect Mini for just about anyone! She is quite a personable gal and can’t wait to find the person to help her personality shine. Meet her today! 

Give Gilderoy a Loving Home


This Mini Palomino gelding is one handsome boy looking for an adopter who will be patient with him as he learns to trust them. Could you be his person?

Wildfire Will Have Your Heart Melting


Wildfire is a beautiful, petite Mini who is looking for an adopter willing to love on and bond with her. Meet your new cuddle bug! 

You can meet even more adorable, adoptable Miniature Horses and explore the amazing world of equine adoption on our adoptable horse listing site, myrighthorse.org.