Dear Future Adopter, Love Sweetie Pie

October 27, 2023


Hey there! I’m Sweetie Pie, and I hope you’ll agree that I have the perfect name!

I’ve been looking for a new home in Los Angeles for a little while now, and if you are who I think you are, I’ll be going home with you soon!

The first thing you should know about me is how much I love to play! Whenever you take out one of my favorite cat toys, I’ll be running around with the zoomies in no time. I can sometimes be a sneaky kitty and start batting around random items like hair ties, so look out for those! The second thing you should know is that I’ll never turn down a yummy cat treat!

When we first meet, I might be a little cautious of you and my new home—it’s nothing personal, I just have a shy side. Soon enough, I’ll be plenty comfortable with you and asking for cuddles as often as I can! I love to lick noses and rub against you when getting cozy. I really enjoy being with other animals, too. My foster family has adult cats that I play with all the time—they also like to groom me, which I don’t mind. I haven’t gotten to meet a dog yet, but I’m definitely curious about them!

I do show signs of a chronic upper respiratory infection, which I’ve heard is like your common cold, so I often have mild eye discharge. Also, my third eyelids are exposed, and my left eye is a little cloudy. All that makes me look a little different than other cats—I think it’s just another way that I’m unique! Sometimes, my foster family helps me with eye medication. I’m a perfect patient though, and I never complain! I know it’s to make me feel better. My friends at the ASPCA can tell you everything you need to know about my medical history and what to expect in the future.

Now that you know everything about me, I hope you’re excited to bring me home! If you have another social cat who I can spend my days playing with, that’s definitely a plus, but I’d be perfectly happy with a family who can keep me busy with play and cuddles, too! All you need to do now is go to my adoption profile and fill out an application.

I can’t wait to play all day with you in our home together!

Sending you nose kisses,
Sweetie Pie