Dear Future Adopter, Love Kenzie

April 3, 2024


Hey, You!

It’s me, Kenzie, your new pup! After waiting almost a year to find you, I’m so excited to meet you. I can’t believe the day I’ve been dreaming of is finally here! Since we’re going to be spending all of our time together, there are some things I want you to know about me — after all, isn’t that what best friends do? Share everything about themselves?

My friends here at Rescue Village in Geauga County, Ohio, call me a smart, spunky, fun little pup. However, it does take me a little while to warm up to new people so please don’t be offended if I take some time to trust you. Unfortunately, in the past, I lived in a home with a lot of other dogs and had very little experience interacting with humans. Thankfully, I spent some time at the ASPCA working on my socialization and have come leaps and bounds from where I once was. In fact, I’m doing really well in my foster home!

I’m so glad you believe in me and are willing to be patient with me as I get more comfortable around you. Pro tip: snacks and big fluffy toys are the key to my heart!

In addition to snacks and fluffy toys, I love other dogs, especially when I get to wrestle and lounge around with them. They help me to feel comfortable and confident by showing me the ropes, so I’d love to have a fellow canine sibling! I also do well with cats, I’m housebroken, I walk well on leash and I’m pretty laid back.

I can’t believe I’ve found someone who believes in second chances as much as I do — and you live in the Geauga County area — it’s like a match made in heaven! So, let’s make it official. Check out my profile on the Rescue Village website to enquire about my adoption!