From Cruelty Victim to Therapy Dog: Ruby's Story

December 18, 2014

On a hot August day in 2013, the ASPCA assisted in the rescue of 367 dogs in the second-largest dog-fighting bust in United States history.

They were known as “The 367,” and on that day, their lives changed forever.

Removed from properties in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Texas, the dogs—who ranged in age from just a few days to 12 years—were scarred, starving, and tethered to heavy chains with little access to food or water. Most had never experienced life without suffering, and several of them, including a Pit Bull named Ruby, were pregnant with pups.

Though Ruby had likely spent most of her life abused and neglected, our Emergency Responders were amazed by her sweet, gentle nature. After giving birth, Ruby was adopted by one of our responders—and she is now in the process of becoming a certified therapy dog who will bring love and joy to local hospitals, schools and retirement homes.

Ruby was one of “The 367,” but like all the dogs saved that day, she was more than just a number. Ruby’s unbreakable spirit in the face of cruelty is what inspires the ASPCA to continue to do the difficult work that we do. But we can’t save more animals like Ruby without you by our side.

Every dollar you donate to the ASPCA makes a huge difference in an animal’s life. For dogs like Ruby, it can mean the difference between life and death. Help us end their suffering: Make a gift to the ASPCA today.