Could Icy or Lion Be Your Purr-fect Match?

January 20, 2022

Icy and Lion are two kitties who are each looking for homes to call their own in the tri-state area! Learn more about our adorable feline friends below.


Much like her name, Icy is quite the chill cat. A mature lady, Icy has moved past her days of kittenish games and wild antics and can usually be found lounging around and relaxing. She loves purring and kneading while being loved on or being a cat burrito in her blankets! Icy’s new family should know that she’s in diabetic remission—and she feels great! She currently doesn’t require insulin, but her new people should be on board with careful monitoring. Our teams at the Adoption Center can help answer any questions you may have about Icy’s daily care.

If Icy has melted your heart, check out her profile to complete an application! 


Meet the new king of the jungle—and your home! Lion is as sweet as they come and is quick to indulge in cheek scratches and full body pets. He’s sure to purr—or should we say roar—roll over and allow you to give him belly rubs! With our volunteers Lion absolutely loves, he even climbs right into their laps. All in all, he’s friendly, affectionate and a gentle giant! Lion does have diabetes—which our staff is happy to tell you all about—but trust us, the little extra work is totally worth it to be showered in Lion’s love!

If you’re ready to add Lion to your family, check out his profile to complete an application!