Could Boo Boo be Your New Boo?

August 24, 2022

Boo Boo is a Los Angeles native and a sweet, laid-back gal looking for a home to call her own. She is always happy to receive attention and enjoys cuddling, though she may be a little shy when first meeting new people or in new places. 

This chatty cat can stir up a conversation with anyone she meets and had the sweetest chirping meow. When she isn’t asking people about their days, she’s head butting her favorite people to show them how much she loves them. Boo Boo will also let you carry her around and even let you pet her belly.

Boo Boo loves playing with string toys, her kitty fishing rod and feather wand toys. She also enjoys looking out the window and taking naps on her foster mom's bed. Boo Boo is very smart—she will come to her name and can even open doors with lever handles. She’s also a cuddle bug loves and loves to end her day by cuddling up to you and will seek you out when it's time for bed. Whether on your pillow or by your feet, Boo Boo is sure to keep you company throughout the night.

This sweet kitty has been diagnosed with dental disease and has had several teeth removed and a dental cleaning performed while in foster care. She has had improved dental health since then but will need regular dental checkups in the future, and our Adoption Team would be happy to provide more information about her medical history. Because she has several missing teeth, Boo Boo's tongue pokes out of her mouth, which makes her even more adorable than she is already!

Boo Boo is a wonderful companion for someone looking for a low-maintenance, affectionate cat. She would do best in a quiet home with no young children and would prefer to be the only pet in the home. She would love your undivided attention and will give you endless cuddles and head butts in return!

If you’re ready to give Boo Boo all the love she deserves, check out her profile to complete an application!