The Congressional Animal Protection Caucus: Speaking Up for Animals on Capitol Hill

June 18, 2015

The Congressional Animal Protection Caucus: Speaking Up for Animals on Capitol Hill

Animals cannot speak for themselves; they need a strong voice to speak up on their behalf. In the halls of Congress, the House Congressional Animal Protection Caucus serves as that voice.

Co-chaired by Reps. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) and Mike Fitzpatrick (R-PA), this bipartisan caucus raises awareness of animal welfare issues in Congress and builds broad coalitions in support of common-sense animal welfare legislation. In recent years, the caucus helped pass new laws to:

  • close the federal loophole protecting spectators at animal fights,
  • ban the commerce in appalling “crush videos,” and
  • protect the rights of states to pass their own animal protection laws.

The ASPCA regularly works with the Animal Protection Caucus to hold briefings that inform legislators and their staff about animal issues and legislation. Additionally, the caucus co-hosts our overwhelmingly popular biannual “Paws for Love” and “Paws for Celebration” adoption events on Capitol Hill, which highlight and celebrate the important work of our nation’s shelters and rescues.

The Animal Protection Caucus currently boasts 115 House members. It is wonderful to have so many legislators engaged on animal protection issues, but that leaves over 300 Representatives who are not involved with the caucus. We’re confident that many of them would happily join the ranks if their constituents—you—encouraged them to.

You Can Help!
Use the form below to send a quick email to your U.S. Representative in Washington, D.C., and ask him or her to consider joining the Congressional Animal Protection Caucus. Just enter your info and we’ll provide a pre-drafted message to your legislator (and if your representative is already a member, a “thank you” message will load up!). Please feel free to tell your representative why animal protection is important to you.


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