August 2, 2016

Congress Is Back Home—Speak Up for Animals!

Recess Town Hall

Every year, Congress takes August off—but it’s not exactly a vacation. Your U.S. senators and representatives use this time to head back to their states and districts to reconnect with you, their constituents, so this month is the perfect opportunity for you to meet your lawmakers and speak up for animals.

Elected officials often hold town hall meetings (and other local events) over the August recess during which they take questions and hear concerns. We encourage you to find out when town hall meetings are scheduled by contacting your legislators’ offices or by signing up for their email newsletters. If you’re not quite sure how to reach them, you can find your legislators and learn how to contact them here.

Speaking with your legislators face to face is hands-down the most effective thing you can do to promote animal welfare legislation. Whether it’s ensuring support for the SAFE Act, which would permanently ban the slaughter of American horses, or promoting the passage of the HEART Act, which would help get animal fighting victims rehabilitated and rehomed faster, your members of Congress need to know that animal welfare is important to you.

If you go to a town hall, please let us know about your experience. Email our grassroots team at [email protected] and fill us in on your interaction with your lawmaker—we love hearing from you.

Even if you can’t make it to a town hall, it’s easy to join the ASPCA Advocacy Brigade to be alerted about new legislation and other opportunities to take action for animals. Thank you for being their voice!