Celebrities, Companies and Consumers Come Together to Celebrate Farm Animals

September 24, 2021

Pigs in straw

Last week during Farm Animal Awareness Week, we shared three ways to help farm animals, 95% of whom are raised on factory farms. While these animals live in barren, crowded, unhealthy environments, there are many farmers opting out of this broken and inhumane system for the sake of animals, the environment and consumers. You’ll find some of these better farms listed here!

In honor of Farm Animal Awareness Week, companies like Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery and Nellie’s Free-Range Eggs documented the care and dedication they put into their farming practices, what they love about their farm animals and what it means to have a meaningful animal welfare certification.

farm animal awareness week social media

Higher-welfare companies used their social media platforms to help spread the word about Farm Animal Awareness Week and the simple actions their followers could take to help farm animals. 

Celebrities and chefs also stepped up for farm animals. Standup comedian and actress Nikki Glaser shared our Farm System Reform Act video on her Instagram account, encouraging her nearly 800,000 followers to contact their members of Congress to support this groundbreaking bill protecting farm animals and rural communities. Philippe Trinh shared a vegetarian recipe and encouraged his followers to always look for a meaningful animal welfare certification on all meat, dairy and egg products. Health coaches the_keto_dealer and allroadsleadtohealthy also shared with their followers how they can help farm animals. 

During Farm Animal Awareness Week, we estimate over 1.5 million people had the opportunity to see what makes farm animals special and what can be done to create a more humane world. A big thank you to all those who called for important reforms to protect farm animals during Farm Animal Awareness Week.  

In case you missed it, check out the ASPCA’s Instagram posts, where we shared fun facts about pigs and chickens, and watch our video explaining the urgent need to pass the Farm System Reform Act

If you didn’t take action for farm animals last week, don’t worry–there’s still time! Urge your U.S. representative and senators to support the Farm System Reform Act. You can also sign up for our Factory Farm Detox—we will send you resources to help you Shop With Your Heart. 

A special thank you to Alexandre Family Farms, Bachman Family Farms, Cooks Venture, Country Natural Beef, Global Animal Partnership, Hart Dairy, Llano Seco, Nellie’s Free Range, Nuggets Healthy Eats, Open Farm Pet, Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery and TruBeef Organic for helping spread the message of Farm Animal Awareness Week. Find their products, and other plant-based or welfare-certified groceries, here.