Celebrate “Pitmas” this Year by Helping these Rescue Dogs Find Homes!

December 17, 2018

On the first day of Pitmas, 

We hope you’ll really see, 

Just how sweet all of these pit bulls can be! 

This holiday season, as we prepare for fun festivities with family and loved ones, we hope you’ll join us in helping six rescue dogs find loving homes for the holidays. These special dogs are looking for homes in the Asheville, North Carolina, area. All were once victims of cruelty and neglect—but now they’re graduates of the ASPCA Behavioral Rehabilitation Center (BRC), where they were able to overcome their pasts and learn the skills they need to become beloved pets. Everyone deserves a second chance, especially around the holidays. Help us give these sweet animals just what they deserve this holiday season—the chance at having loving homes. 

See more about our six dogs of Pitmas and how you can help them find homes below!


Tie was brought to us from an alleged cruelty case in Texas and has since learned plenty of skills to help him overcome his fears and navigate the world. In his foster home, Tie continues to gain confidence, but he’s had some trouble in the shelter setting, where he sometimes feels overwhelmed and anxious. However, once he’s out and about, Tie has been described as “the perfect combination of a lounging companion and an active buddy.” And who could ask for a better balance? This cool guy loves other dog friends and cat friends, as well! He’s also become quite the helper in making other shy, fearful animals feel comfortable. In his foster home, Tie lived with two typically shy kitties, who felt comfortable enough to come out and spend time with him.

Tie is polite, loves going out on walks, and loves to show off his manners when on his leash. He never barks and keeps all four paws on the ground even when confronted with new sounds, faces and places.

Tie also loves to play with all sorts of toys and is eager to show you his playful side. This goofy guy is looking for an understanding, patient adopter who will give Tie a life where he can enjoy plenty of activity, sunbathing and cuddling. 


Lotus has become a staff favorite at the BRC for his silly antics and lovable, social behavior with humans and dogs alike. Lotus loves to romp and play with dog friends of all shapes and sizes, and enjoys going out for walks and playing with squeaky toys. Some of Lotus’s favorite things are hot dogs and cozy blankets where he can really get comfy and relax. Though Lotus has overcome a lot of fears and anxiety at the BRC, he can sometimes still feel nervous around new faces and places. It’s important to give Lotus time to warm up as he adjusts to his new home and family. 

Lotus is looking for a loving, patient pet parent who will continue to introduce him to the world, and one who has no problem snuggling on the couch with Lotus for a relaxing night in—cozy blankets required!


Angela is a sensitive gal looking for a special pet parent who understands how scary and big the world can seem for a young lady like her. In her time at the BRC, Angela has learned to quickly open up and trust people, but it still takes her a little time to warm up to new faces and places. She’s just a little shy but blossoming more and more every day. Angela gets along with other dogs but would rather lounge, walk or just hang out with her dog friends instead of playing rough. She’s a gentle soul. When Angela is feeling scared or nervous, she will look to her favorite people for reassurance and support. It’s important to give Angela plenty of praise and affection as she adjusts to new places—tasty treats and her favorite snacks also help! Angela loves cozy, soft throw blankets that she can burrow into and get relaxed. 

Angela is looking for an understanding, sensitive adopter who will make her feel safe and allow her time and space to open up as she adjusts to her new home. 


Russet is learning that unfamiliar people, objects, sounds and situations aren’t as scary as he once thought! Despite this sweet dog’s fears, he’s become somewhat of a social butterfly and made plenty of dog and human friends at the BRC. He’s realized just how fun life can be! Although Russet can be a little shy at first, we’ve learned that walks and playtime make him happy and help him stay relaxed and feel comfortable. He loves being with other dogs and being outdoors for his walks. Once Russet has warmed up to you, he’s eager to become your new BFF and will want to sit close to you and get pets and scratches, especially around his collar. 

Russet is looking for a loving, patient adopter who will appreciate his sweet, goofy nature and will continue to help him gain confidence as he settles into living in a home. 


Buttercup is as sweet and pretty as her name implies! Though she can be shy at first, once Buttercup warms up, she becomes the star of the party. It’s not hard for this wiggly girl to make friends with people and dogs alike! Buttercup loves to go on walks with her dog friends; this helps her gain confidence when meeting new people and when investigating new places. When adopted, Buttercup will need plenty of encouragement and reassurance as she learns what it is like to live in a home. 

Buttercup is looking for a patient, loving adopter who will take things slow and allow her to open up on her time, help her gain confidence and appreciate a nice movie night on the couch just as much as she does. 


Tiffany is a sweet-natured girl who has learned just how wonderful everyday life can be! One of her favorite things includes spending time with her favorite people, whether she’s just sitting next to them, snuggling or getting plenty of pets and scratches. She also loves going out for walks with her dog friends! Every day, Tiffany becomes more confident. She can be shy when first meeting new people, or experiencing a new situation, but she is learning to quickly warm up. It is important to make this sweet girl feel safe and secure. 

Tiffany is looking for a pet parent or family who will give her plenty of time to settle in, and who will support and encourage her as she continues to blossom into a confident, mature dog. She’s eager to continue to explore all that life has to offer, and she’s ready to do it with someone who will see just how special she truly is. 

If you are interested in adopting any of these special dogs, please call the BRC at (828) 484-7790. 

Even if you can’t adopt, we hope that you’ll help us by sharing this post on your social media channels and letting your friends and family know just how resilient, loving and sweet Tie, Lotus, Angela, Russet, Buttercup and Tiffany are! Together, we can help these dogs find their homes and experience their first holidays with loving families.