Celebrate National Dog Biscuit Day by Whipping Up These Homemade Pet Treats

February 23, 2018

small dog licking its nose

Friday, February 23 is National Dog Biscuit Day, and in honor of this tasty holiday, you can celebrate by making homemade dog treats for your four-legged friend. When cooking for your pets, you’ll want to ensure that any recipe you use contains pet-friendly ingredients and has been approved by a veterinarian. While there can be a lot of misleading and incorrect information found on the Internet, we’ve got you covered! Here’s an ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center and ASPCA veterinarian-approved recipe you can safely make for your dog. 

Dog treat recipe

Don’t think we’ve forgotten about our feline friends! While it may be “Dog Biscuit Day,” that doesn’t mean you can’t show your love and appreciation for your kitty companions. Try these cat treat recipe to let your cat know just how much you care!

cat treat recipe

Treats should be given sparingly in addition to a balanced, vet-approved diet, and not in replacement of regular meals.