From Brooklyn, with Love: Moni’s Journey Home

August 31, 2016

Happy Tails: Moni

Moni was just about a year old when she was found abandoned in a cat carrier in Brooklyn, New York. Unaware of how long she’d been there, her rescuer released her to the ASPCA in hopes of finding her a new, loving home. When she first arrived at the ASPCA Adoption Center, Moni was a bright, playful and sometimes feisty kitty with a love for playtime and dislike for other cats. Sensing that Moni needed plenty of extra attention, we placed her into our Office Foster program, where she was able to socialize around the ASPCA offices. Due to her sweet and playful demeanor, she soon became a welcomed addition to the office.

It wasn’t long before someone set their sights on Moni. After being fostered for about a month, she spent just one day in the Adoption Center before the perfect adopter walked through the doors. Little did Moni know, her future family had already decided that the small brown-and-white tabby was the kitten they’d been searching for. Elizabeth P. of Brooklyn had already seen Moni’s photo on the ASPCA Adoption Site, and to no one’s surprise, she had already fallen head over heels for the sweet, small kitty. “I knew she was the one as soon as I saw her picture on the ASPCA site,” Elizabeth gushed. But of course, it was in the moment of meeting that Elizabeth knew that she had indeed chosen the perfect feline friend. “I was so excited to find out that she was still available for adoption and when I met her she was sweet, playful, and feisty—exactly what we were looking for!” 

Intuition worked in both Elizabeth and Moni’s favor in this case, and both were smitten. When it’s the right fit, you just know.

Moni lying down

Elizabeth was a first-time visitor to the ASPCA Adoption Center, but had been considering adding a feline companion to her family for quite some time. “I grew up with cats and missed having one around! I waited until I knew I was ready, and once my boyfriend and I moved in together we knew it was the right time.” 

The transition of having Moni in the house full time has been an easy one, and Moni (now known as Bailey) is just as playful, sweet and adventurous as ever! She spends her days watching birds, playing with her new family and practicing her acrobatics in her new home. She’s even mastered the art of balancing on top of the door, although Elizabeth can’t quite determine where she learned that trick!

Like far too many animals, Moni’s tale began on the streets after she was cruelly abandoned. This now two-year-old cat’s story may have had a heartbreaking beginning, but thankfully you can help give more animals like Moni a “Happy Tail” ending by adopting a four-legged-friend of your own! 

Moni walking around a corner