Breaking News! U.S. Senate Steps Up for America’s Horses

May 24, 2018

A horse outside by a fence

We have big news for horses. Signaling resounding support amongst the members of the Senate Appropriations Committee, the amendment that prevents horse slaughter facilities from operating within the United States was included in the package of amendments offered on May 24 to the FY19 Senate Agriculture Appropriations bill. 

This amendment prohibits the use of federal funding for the USDA to inspect horse slaughter facilities, effectively banning this predatory industry from setting up shop in our country. It is typically offered on its own, which comes with the potential of being voted down by the committee. Being included in this package of amendments demonstrates strong bipartisan support of this provision, which is generally reserved for noncontroversial changes. 

This is a massive step forward for horses, and we should all applaud our senators on the Appropriations Committee for making the right choice. 

Unfortunately, the House Appropriations Committee continues down the path of most resistance. For the second year in a row, that Committee failed to pass this provision, much to the chagrin of many Committee members and the vast majority of the American people.  

Now that the Senate and House have again made different decisions regarding the fate of equines, it is crucial that you use your voice to speak up for horses. Visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center now to urge your members of Congress to include the Senate’s language to keep horse slaughter off American soil in the final version of the Appropriations bill.

And as a reminder, this work is not sufficient to stop horse slaughter altogether—we still need to pass the SAFE Act in order to end the export of our horses to foreign slaughterhouses. But it is a critical and necessary part of the march toward a day when American horses will no longer fall prey to this terrible fate.