BREAKING: ASPCA Assists with Removal of 26 Cats in Ohio Hoarding Case

July 15, 2016

At the request of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, the ASPCA is assisting with the removal and sheltering of 26 cats and one dog from an overcrowded mobile home in Marshallville, Ohio, which is approximately 45 miles south of Cleveland. The animals were discovered living among feces, urine and trash in a poorly ventilated environment.

ASPCA responder removing cats from the house

A search warrant was executed Friday morning for the removal of the animals, who were subsequently surrendered by the owner. The seizure is the result of a public complaint concerning living conditions in the home. The cats—mostly adult, domestic shorthairs—were suffering from medical conditions including dehydration and dental disease. Some appear to be undersocialized and fearful of humans, as is common with animals from hoarding situations. One deceased cat was also found on the property.

“It was clear that an intervention was needed to help both the animals and the owner,” said Jessica Rushin, Senior Partnerships Manager of ASPCA Field Investigations and Response. “Our immediate goal is to transport these animals to a safe place where they’ll receive much-needed medical attention, while the owner gets the help she needs.”

The cats are being transported to a temporary shelter in an undisclosed location, where they will receive care and medical attention. Although these animals have a long road ahead of them, your support can ensure that they—and other animal victims—will never again suffer the heartbreak of mistreatment, neglect or abuse. Please help us continue our vital rescue work around the country by making a donation to the ASPCA today.