Bond of Brothers: Nathan and Troy's Happy Tail

January 7, 2015

Just because two animals are bonded—or siblings, for that matter—doesn’t mean their personalities are the same. In fact, in the case of two brothers named Nathan and Troy, they couldn’t be any more different. But these kittens rely on each other, and fortunately, they found one loving home eager to take them both in. Here is their Happy Tail.

Bond of Brothers: Nathan and Troy's Happy Tail

When Nathan and Troy came to the ASPCA at the tender age of five months, both were suffering from a severe case of ringworm. They had been transferred from the local city shelter and were admitted for treatment at the ASPCA Animal Hospital, where their distinct personalities quickly became clear. Orange tabby Nathan was shy and sensitive and preferred quiet, gentle attention, while grey tabby Troy was more of a show-off. Though they were opposites in many ways, these two tiny brothers stayed by each other’s side during their entire four-month stay in our Hospital. By September, the bonded duo was healthy and ready to find a forever home—provided they could find one together. Fortunately, adopters Matthew and Gina walked through our door on October 11.

Matthew and Gina came to the ASPCA after losing their beloved cat, Louis. His brother, Charlie, had passed two years before. The couple had adopted from us before and was eager to expand their feline-family. “We have always had cats in our lives,” Gina said. “If we could manage, we would adopt 10 or more!” As they toured the available animals at the ASPCA Adoption Center, they spotted Nathan and Troy and, in Gina’s words, “It was love at first sight.”

Light orange cat laying down

“We saw Nathan and Troy playing in their habitat,” Gina recalls. “Troy came over right away, Nathan was a little shy,” she adds, their personalities already shining. “But we knew they were the ones for us, and we were so happy to hear they were bonded.” The couple adopted both kitties that day and changed their names to King Harold and King Midas (Harry and Midey for short), and the foursome headed back to Brooklyn to begin their new life together.

Despite their differences, the inseparable kitties adjusted easily to their new home. “Harry and Midey are comfy-cozy and we’re all best of friends,” says Gina. “We feel like a big happy family all sleeping in the same bed.”

After a tough start to life—and a long stay in the hospital—we’re so glad that these baby brothers have found a home that fits them both. “They are so happy together,” says Gina. “Matthew and I are in love with them.” We think these two got more than just “kingly” names—they finally got the royal treatment they deserve.

Striped cat with green eyes sitting in front of window