Beat the Heat This Summer—and Do It in Style Like These Pets!

August 18, 2022

This summer has been a scorcher! We’ve been doing everything we can to keep cool, but it’s been challenging—which means our pets are just as hot, if not hotter. But some of our furry friends have figured out a way to beat the heat with their pet parents AND do it in style. Check out their summer safety tips!

“Hang by the pool with your parent’s supervision! Pro tip: don’t drink the water, it really hurts your belly.”

“We prefer to go IN the pool, though ours is a lot smaller and Dad always keeps an eye on us! There’s nothing like a refreshing dip in this hot weather!”

“I like to cool off with a delicious frozen treat! My mom makes them for me at home, but my friend told me you can buy frozen pet treats in stores too!”

“I always like to have a BIG bowl of water nearby! This weather makes me really thirsty!”

“Though Mom and Dad like to get tan in the sun, they always let me sit on a blanket in the shade. It’s just too hot out to be in direct sunlight!”

“I set up a lemonade stand to make some extra dough for more toys! I can’t drink lemonade, but I hear humans love it!”

“My parents like to take me to outdoor restaurants in the summer, but I’m not allowed to eat any of the people food or drink their drinks—it could make me sick! Instead, they always bring along a little bowl to fill with water and some of my food and treats.”

“It’s REALLY dangerous (and in many states, illegal) for me to be left alone in the car, especially when it’s hot. My mom either leaves me comfortably at home or lets me join in on the party! I give her extra kisses to let her know how much I love joining the party!”