Barking News: Canoodle Is Ready to Find a Home!

December 9, 2021

Canoodle is here to noodle his way into your heart! Canoodle came from a situation where he never really had the opportunity to learn how to be a “real” dog, and while he still has some quirks, we’ve seen quite the amazing change in him! With time to blossom in his foster home, Canoodle has found a love of one thing—snuggling! Our boy will be sure to keep you warm all winter. A close second on his list of favorite things is going for walks! Canoodle spends his time sniffing anything and everything. And when he’s outside off leash, he’s sure to be doing zoomies.

All in all, Canoodle is a loving boy who just tends to be anxious in certain situations and outdoors in the big city—and simply needs someone to give him a chance! It may take Canoodle some time to adjust to a new home, but just wait until he shows his true colors! He would prefer to meet other dogs one-on-one and when it comes to his ideal home, he’d prefer a life in the suburbs—bonus points for a fenced-in yard!

If you’re ready to give Canoodle the snuggles he loves so much, check out his profile to complete an application!