With ASPCA Vehicle Donations, Your Used Car Can Help Save a Life

July 19, 2016

Vehicle Donations

As a non-profit organization, the ASPCA depends entirely on donations from kind-hearted people like you. However, we understand that traditional gift-giving may not fit in to everyone’s lifestyle or budget, which is why we want to tell you about another exciting way you can make a difference for animals: vehicle donations.

That’s right! You can turn your old car, boat, truck or other vehicle into a charitable contribution for animals. It’s so easy, and all types of vehicles—in any condition or location—are accepted, whether they’re running or not. We spoke with one vehicle donor, Vickie, who was thrilled with the process.

“I am an ASPCA supporter already, and I wanted to donate this vehicle to the ASPCA for all their work to help animals,” Vickie tells us. “The donation process was straightforward: I filled out the online donation form, sent in my signed title and they made arrangements to pick up my car.” Vickie’s vehicle was quickly sold and the profits were turned into resources to support our life-saving programs for animals in need.

The best part? Not only did Vickie make a major impact on the lives of abused, abandoned and neglected animals—she also received a tax deduction. The ASPCA can solve almost any title issues, and with more than 3,500 tow companies on our side, we can pick up vehicles anywhere in the country.

“I am always touched by the stories of dogs being rescued from puppy mills and from dog fighting situations,” says Vickie. “I hope my donation will be helpful.”

To Vickie and the thousands of others who have donated their vehicle to the ASPCA, we and the animals we serve say thank you!

If you’re ready to donate your vehicle to the ASPCA, visit us online or call (855) 652-7722 to get started today!