The ASPCA & Subaru Loves Pets Grant Program Helps Find Homes for Thousands of Animals in Need

November 17, 2020

a dog with a share the love frisbe

Photo courtesy of the Oklahoma Humane Society. 

Subaru of America, Inc. and the ASPCA teamed up to help animals in need across the country by hosting their largest grant program ever, in a time when support is needed the most. 

The ASPCA & Subaru Loves Pets Grant Program distributed $690,795 to 146 animal welfare organizations across 42 states and Washington, D.C. The grant funding supported virtual pet adoption events (or in-person events, as permitted) in partnership with local Subaru retailers. 

Flatirons subaru event

Employees at Flatirons Subaru hold adoptable puppies during their adoption event in partnership with the Humane Society of Boulder Valley.

“This partnership has been an outstanding success for our organization every year that we have participated,” said Ashley Mikulsky, Vice President of Development at the Animal Rescue League of Berks County. “COVID-19 hit all shelters hard, and the Subaru Loves Pets grant helped us move 173 animals in just a two-week time period, which was essential considering our abundance of cats. This partnership is vital for our organization, and we are eternally grateful for being able to participate.”

The pet adoption events took place throughout the month of October in honor of Subaru Loves Pets Month and collectively impacted thousands of animals in need, like Sophia. After spending years of her life outdoors, Sophia was rescued by the SPCA of Winchester, Frederick, and Clarke Counties where she could recover in a loving foster home and receive much needed veterinary care. At 14 years old, Sophia found her perfect retirement home at an adoption event hosted in partnership with CMA’s Subaru of Winchester.

Sophia the dog

Sophia was rescued from a neglectful situation by the SPCA of Winchester, Frederick and Clarke Counties. After much needed TLC from their staff and a dedicated foster parent, Sophia found her loving home at an adoption event hosted in partnership with CMA’s Subaru of Winchester.

Sophia is just one of many “happy tail” adoption stories that exemplifies how the grant funding provided by the ASPCA and Subaru of America can help make a difference for animals in need. Partnering with local Subaru retailers introduces adoptable animals to a wider audience than they might experience otherwise, which can help animal welfare organizations place adoptable pets in homes more quickly. 

“We love this event! We get to see so many smiling faces as potential adopters meet new four-legged friends, and collaborating with the ASPCA & Subaru gives our animals more exposure and attention than they would normally get on our website,” said Lauren Rujawitz, Adoption and Foster Team Manager at Mountain Humane. 

Ollie being adopted at an event by Mountain HUmane and Twin Falls Subaru

Ollie was adopted at an event hosted by Mountain Humane and Twin Falls Subaru.

This grant program was made possible as a result of the ASPCA’s participation in the Subaru Share the Love® Event. We look forward to participating again in the upcoming 2020 Subaru Share the Love Event beginning on November 19, so we can continue to find loving homes for animals in need across the country.

“The Subaru Loves Pets event always ends with empty kennels, tired staff and lots of happy families and animals! We love this event because it gives our shelter animals the chance to meet more people, which increases their chance of adoption,” said Tina Miller, Adoptions Manager at the Asheville Humane Society. “Animals who might have been overlooked get chances to meet lots of people, and adopters who might have been waiting for the right time come in for the promotion! Subaru makes dreams come true, and thanks to them, 87 animals are home!”

Here are a few more lucky adopters who found furry companions as a result of the ASPCA & Subaru Loves Pets Grant Program. 

A family with a newly adopted dog

This lucky family found the perfect furry companion at the Nebraska Humane Society’s event hosted in partnership with Baxter Subaru.

Sam and Babu being adopted

Two happy cats, Sam (left) and Babu (right), found loving homes at an adoption event hosted by the Idaho Humane Society and Treasure Valley Subaru.

Rosilie being adopted at a share the love event in delaware

This adorable puppy, Rosilie, found her loving home at an adoption event hosted by Brandywine Valley SPCA and Delaware Subaru.

Bella and Bailey with their adopters

Thanks to an adoption event hosted by Greenhill Humane Society and Kendall Subaru of Eugene, Bella (left) and Bailey (right) found loving homes!