ASPCA ShopKind Helpline Takes the Guesswork Out of Grocery Shopping

August 26, 2019
Shopkind Helpline
Have you ever stood in the egg aisle and wondered if any of the labels—free-range, cage-free, organic—actually means better lives for chickens? Or have you been upset by images from an undercover investigation of a factory farm and vowed to switch to better products, only to find yourself uncertain where to start? 
If so, you’re not alone. Most Americans care about farm animal welfare and are paying more attention to food labels, but are confused by the choices available. 
We heard you, and we did something about it! We’re pleased to announce that compassionate grocery shopping just got a lot less stressful thanks to the launch of the ASPCA ShopKind Helpline. This new, interactive text-messaging service allows anyone with a U.S. mobile number to connect with our experts for quick information about animal welfare and food labels. 
Enter your cellphone number on the Helpline’s registration page and you’ll instantly receive a text with guidance on welfare-certified and plant-based brands and farms. From there, you can get more personalized resources or ask questions and chat with a farm animal welfare expert. Save the number in your phone for the next time you’re feeling lost in the supermarket or have questions about a menu.
The problem of factory farming can feel overwhelming, but by using the ShopKind Helpline and directing your purchasing power toward better products, you can express your values and bring about change for farm animals. Sign up today … and happy shopping!