ASPCA Recognizes Response Partners for Outstanding Efforts to Assist Animal Cruelty Victims

July 20, 2015

When the ASPCA rescues animals from puppy mills, hoarding situations, dog fighting rings, natural disasters and other emergencies, we rely on animal shelters and rescue groups nationwide to assist with the placement of rescued dogs and cats for adoption. These ASPCA Response Partners provide former victims of cruelty with the opportunity to experience lives as beloved pets, and without their help, our capacity to assist animals across the country would be diminished.

Over the past year, five of our Response Partners went above and beyond in answering our call to help cruelty victims in need. In recognition of their efforts, we would like to acknowledge the following organizations for their outstanding work in recent sheltering and rescue operations:

  • Montgomery Humane Society of  Montgomery, Alabama
  • Cedar Bend Humane Society of Waterloo, Iowa
  • Margaret B. Mitchell Spay/Neuter Clinic  of Bristol, Virginia
  • Quincy Humane Society of Quincy, Illinois
  • Angels of Assisi of Roanoke, Virginia

Thank you to these five organizations—and to all of our amazing Response Partners nationwide! We are grateful to these organizations for making hundreds of animal adoptions possible.