The ASPCA Lends a Helping Hoof to Several Special Horses

July 19, 2021

a white horse

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Last month, the ASPCA received a call to help a herd of horses in rural New Mexico. When their owner passed away, the horses found themselves homeless—though they had been well-loved, they were not comfortable around people due to minimal handling over the past decade, meaning the pool of prospective owners who could handle them safely was very small. Wanting to do right by the horses, the previous owner’s family didn’t know what to do until they were connected to the ASPCA.

In addition to our work with dogs and cats, the ASPCA is dedicated to ensuring good welfare for all equines. Our equine welfare programs support horses at every stage of their life—so when we got the call about this special herd of horses, we knew we could help.

Our equine transport program, the Horse Adoption Express, moved the horses to a facility in Oklahoma, where they received assessments by our Equine Welfare team and a veterinarian so they could be matched with our specialized Training Partners. The horses will soon travel to their trainers’ facilities, where they will be prepared for loving, adoptive homes. 

While training will certainly play a very important role in successful adoptions, they are available to be adopted now by a professional trainer or someone willing and able to work with one. Meet a few of the adoptable horses from the herd and learn more about their personalities and future journeys! 



You’d never know that Geneve’s had minimal handling over the past few years—she’s as sweet as can be and acts like she’s never missed a day with her people. She’s truly a unicorn and looks like she could excel in almost any direction in her next home.



Micah hasn’t spent a lot of time around people, but since he’s a huge fan of treats, he’s quickly learning to enjoy hanging out with humans. He’s also got quite the strut with a big, fancy trot and beautiful canter.


Like Micah, Daisy is still a little unsure of people. She’s beautiful, with a soft eye and powerful shoulder. She’s got fancy feet and turn heads every time she trots or canters across the pasture.

Meet the rest of the herd and check back to follow their journeys as they move toward finding wonderful homes. And don’t forget—you can help connect these #RightHorses to the right people. By sharing their profiles on your social media, you’ll play a part in helping them hoof their way home.