ASPCA Honors New York’s Finest for Service to City’s Vulnerable Animals

December 18, 2015

On Wednesday, December 16, the ASPCA honored ten officers from the New York City Police Department (NYPD) and one Assistant District Attorney for their outstanding efforts to support animal cruelty victims through the NYPD/ASPCA Partnership. Launched in January 2014, the partnership gives the NYPD the lead role in responding to all animal cruelty complaints in New York City, while the ASPCA provides direct care support for the victims and conducts police training and forensic analysis.

The officers and attorney were presented with appreciation awards at a special luncheon held at the ASPCA’s Adoption Center. All honorees were intricately involved in the facilitation of the partnership and played critical roles in the enforcement, investigation and prosecution of animal cruelty and neglect cases over the last two years. 

The individuals honored were:

  • Sergeant Amber Cafaro, Patrol Borough Manhattan South
  • Sergeant Tim Cecchini, 75th Precinct
  • Captain Frank DiGiacomo, Commanding Officer, 78th Precinct
  • Police Officer Daniel Gasperetti, 103rd Precinct
  • Assistant District Attorney Jane Grinberg, Richmond County (Staten Island)
  • Detective Michael Interdonati, 75th Precinct Detective Squad
  • Police Officer Christopher Murphy, 109th Precinct
  • Police Officer Hope Newcomb, 123rd Precinct
  • Police Officer Susan Panico, 32nd Precinct
  • Detective Nicholas Salvitti, Animal Cruelty Investigation Squad
  • Police Office Dawn Sprague, 44th Precinct
The NYPD/ASPCA partnership has helped save a record number of animals. We are so grateful to these and other members of the NYPD for helping make a difference in so many lives.