ASPCA Happy Tails: Very Happy Vincent

July 8, 2015

At the ASPCA, we love it when animals and adopters just “fit.” It is so gratifying to bring a cat or dog into our Adoption Center and see them scooped into the perfect home right away. In the case of Vincent, a three-year-old cat who spent time at a city shelter, all it took was 10 days at the ASPCA before he found his ideal match—and he never looked back!  Here is his story.

Vincent was already three years old when he came to the ASPCA in February 2015. He and five other cats were transferred from the local city shelter, where they hadn’t had any luck in their search for forever homes. At the ASPCA Animal Hospital, Vincent was treated for a bacterial infection and underwent a neuter procedure. Just a few days later, he met Forrest.

A lifelong animal-lover, Forrest and his partner decided to search for a pet at the ASPCA based on recommendations from friends. “We felt like we both had a lot of love to give a furry friend in need of a home,” he says, adding, “our home would be more complete with the sounds of little paws running around.”

The couple only met three or four cats before they were introduced to Vincent, and it was love at first sight. “Although there were so many very sweet little cats in the Adoption Center, as soon as we interacted with Vincent, we knew he was the cat for us,” Forrest recalls. “He was just the right balance of playful and friendly, but also very sweet and mellow.” Vincent also looked a lot like the cat Forrest had as a child, which he said made him feel like “a familiar friend.”

The couple’s instincts proved correct as Vincent continued to impress them. Forrest says, “He let us pet him without any hesitation, and he seemed so confident and happy that we decided to start the adoption papers right away.” Without missing a beat, they brought Vincent home that very same day, which happened to be February 15—the day after Valentine’s Day and 10 days after the cat’s arrival at the ASPCA. What’s more, the five cats who came with Vincent found homes by the end of that month, too.

Back at Forrest’s apartment, Vincent settled in as if he had lived there forever. “As soon as we let him out of his pet carrier, he casually walked around the whole apartment as if taking inventory of his new habitat, and then jumped up on the couch and took turns sitting on both of our laps,” Forrest says. “He never went through a skittish or awkward adjustment period. From the first day we brought him home, he’s slept on our bed with us each night and instantly made us feel like a little family.”

What can we say? When an adoption is right, it’s just right, and Vincent and Forrest were clearly made for each other. Vincent waited his whole life to find an adopter like Forrest, and we are thrilled that he found a perfect place to call home. And when Forrest says, “We couldn’t imagine our lives without Vincent,” we know this is one Happy Tail that will last forever.