ASPCA Happy Tails: Rolo Gets it Right

February 25, 2015

Some dogs at the ASPCA get adopted before we can even say “woof,” but some take a little bit more time to find the perfect home. In the case of Rolo—a pit bull rescued from a hoarder—a difficult past meant he was repeatedly overlooked. But for one adopter willing to see beneath the surface, Rolo turned out to be the greatest pet imaginable. Here is his Happy Tail.


Rolo was rescued from a hoarder in Queens, New York, in February 2014. At 62-pounds, the one-year old pup was already a handful. He suffered from chronic skin issues that left him with bald patches, and he was diagnosed with a chronic heart defect called pulmonic stenosis. We knew he needed extra care, so we were thrilled to see him adopted four weeks after his arrival. But our joy was short-lived, as Rolo was soon returned because the adopter said he had behavioral issues, including fear of loud noises and a dislike of strangers.

Back at square one, Rolo continued to wait patiently for a new home. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months—until October rolled around and Rolo still hadn’t been adopted.  His quiet, shy temperament made it hard to woo adopters, and he was repeatedly passed over for more outwardly affable dogs. We knew our sweet guy was something special; we just had to wait for an adopter with the patience to see past his medical issues and aloof exterior. Finally, we met Joe.

Sleepy dog

Joe, who lives in the West Village neighborhood of New York City, had been on a long search for the perfect pet. “Why would anyone NOT want to adopt a dog,” he laughs. “I can’t think of a better way to come home every day than to be greeted like a long-lost friend.” He visited several different shelters and rescues on the hunt for his future dog, stating, “I was confident that I would be able to find a companion who was unique and perfect for my life, with a one-of-a-kind personality and story.” An ASPCA donor, Joe had participated in our annual Young Friends event, so he realized he might have luck at the ASPCA Adoption Center uptown. That’s when he finally met Rolo.

“He was an absolutely magnificent-looking Staffie,” Joe says of his first impression of the pooch. “But he was more subdued than others and wasn’t immediately barking, jumping and licking all over his visitors.” We filled him in on Rolo’s history and medical issues, but those details weren’t what mattered to Joe. “Everyone who interacted with Rolo seemed to genuinely love him and that showed. Rolo had gotten my attention.”

After spending time with Rolo at the Adoption Center, Joe’s impression only strengthened. He says, “I realized that what others described as ‘subdued and unfriendly’ meant that he was patient and observant. I quickly understood that Rolo was the most intelligent, even-mannered, mature and well-behaved dog that I had seen over two months and dozens of individual visits. I knew that he had the potential to be an amazing dog and a perfect representative for a misunderstood breed.” On October 10, Rolo became an official member of Joe’s family.

Grey pit bull wearing purple jacket standing in the snow

Back at Joe’s apartment, sweet Rolo continued to shine. “He immediately proved himself,” says Joe. “Not one incident or accident as long as he’s been home!” Rolo now loves spending time at the dog park and at the pet hotel—where he plays wonderfully with other dogs and people. “He is the dog that most everyone dreams of,” Joe beams. “Playful, obedient, loving, intelligent, cute—you name the superlative and he’s been called it. I can no longer keep track of how many times we’ve heard, ‘I love your dog.’”

From life in a hoarder’s home to an unsuccessful adoption, Rolo has come so far. He is proof that there’s a perfect person for every animal—and that sometimes, it takes a few false starts to get to your happy ending. Joe says, “Rolo has beaten the odds and become the most admired and most loved dog by everyone we run into, everywhere we go. And most definitely by me!”

Grey pit bull wearing red collar out on a walk