ASPCA Happy Tails: A Pug Named Bubba

September 24, 2014

While overweight animals might have “more to love,” the truth is that obesity in pets is a serious cause for concern. Animal obesity can lead to a variety of health problems including difficulty breathing, pancreatitis, orthopedic issues, diabetes, and a compromised immune system. So when an overweight pug named Bubba arrived at the ASPCA in July, we knew he would need an active adopter willing to help him work toward a healthier weight. Fortunately, Carolyn O. saw the pug beneath the pudge, and Bubba is now thriving in her home. Here is their Happy Tail.

The ideal weight for an adult male pug is between 13 and 20 pounds. When Bubba came to the ASPCA, he weighed 33. Surrendered by an owner who could no longer care for him, Bubba’s health was in serious jeopardy: In addition to obesity, he was suffering from classic brachycephalic syndrome—an anatomical abnormality bred into dogs with the “pushed-in” face conformation—that makes it difficult to breathe. Even worse, Bubba’s immune system was weak from obesity and he contracted an ear infection and a terrible case of pneumonia. He needed to get into a loving home as soon as possible.

Bubba sleeping in his dog bed

Fortunately for Bubba, Carolyn and her boyfriend Ryan were searching for a small dog to adopt. “A pug was what we both really wanted,” says Carolyn, “but rescuing was ultimately more important to us.” At the ASPCA Adoption Center, she and Ryan met a number of dogs, but most were bigger than what their apartment allowed. They went home empty-handed.

A week later, Ryan convinced Carolyn to return to the ASPCA and take one more look around. “We went back to the Adoption Center exactly one week after our initial trip to discover that there was one ‘small’ dog available that day,” she says. “They mentioned that the one dog happened to be a pug, and when we came down the hall and saw him it seemed absolutely perfect!”

Bubba with stuffed toy

After taking one look at Bubba, the couple was smitten. “We knew we’d hit the jackpot. Between his great personality, adorable face wrinkles, and infectious smile, there was no way we weren’t going to adopt Bubba,” Carolyn says. But back at home, the reality of his condition set in.

“The first two weeks were really difficult,” says Carolyn. Due to his obesity and the resulting pneumonia, Bubba was unable to even climb the stairs to Carolyn’s apartment. On walks, he couldn’t even make it around one block before becoming too tired to continue. Carolyn and Ryan implemented a strict prescription diet and weight-loss regime to help Bubba shed some pounds and overcome his illness, and slowly but surely, the precious pooch showed signs of improvement.

happy Bubba with Ryan sitting on a park bench

It has now been two months since Bubba’s adoption, and he has turned into a whole new dog. After shedding some weight, Carolyn says, “He has recovered marvelously! He makes it up the stairs no problem (often quicker than me) and loves his walks to Central Park.” Bubba now spends his days snoozing, chewing on his alligator plush toy and snuggling with his new parents. “He has a really happy and positive disposition,” says Carolyn. “He smiles constantly and brings us nothing but joy!”

Thanks to Carolyn and Ryan’s patience and persistence, Bubba is finally at a healthy weight and can look forward to a long and love-filled life in his new forever home.