ASPCA Happy Tails: A Place for Precious

September 30, 2015

ASPCA Happy Tails: A Place for Precious

Precious the cat was accustomed to change. In the span of two years, she moved from the local city shelter to the ASPCA, then into a home and back again. The three-year-old long-haired tabby just couldn’t find the perfect fit, until she met an adopter named Carmen, who, like her, was ready for long term love. Here is their Happy Tail.

Precious first came to the ASPCA in March 2014, in a group of eight cats that were transferred from the local city shelter. All eight cats—including Precious—were adopted quickly, and we were thrilled for their success. But one year later, Precious’ adopter was forced to return the pretty kitty because he was moving to a place that did not allow pets. Once again, Precious had a new address and was back to searching for a permanent home.

Meanwhile, Carmen had just moved to New York and was living on her own. Still mourning the loss of her 15-year-old Pomeranian, she decided that it was time to adopt her first feline companion, so she headed to the ASPCA Adoption Center. “I am also adopted, and I told myself that I always wanted to adopt a pet one day,” she says. She decided that she wanted an adult cat, and when she met Precious it was love at first sight.

Precious at the ASPCA Adoption Center

“I will never forget the day I met her and looked at her beautiful eyes,” Carmen recalls. “Then I noticed her long fur coat that reminded me of my Pomeranian!” Carmen mentioned that brushing her Pomeranian’s coat had been valuable bonding time, so she was thrilled to see that Precious “needed lots of maintenance” as well. “I knew she was a sweet cat after just petting her, and I knew right on the spot that she was going to come home with me,” she says.

Carmen adopted Precious on July 8 and changed her name to Pluma. Although Pluma had been shy at the Adoption Center, she settled into Carmen’s home with ease. “The minute I let her out of her carrier she looked around my house, ran into my boyfriend’s lap and wanted to cuddle,” Carmen recalls. “I’ll never forget that after a couple of days, Pluma came into my lap and put her nose up to mine and gave me a cat kiss. She made a meowing sound and gave me a look like she was saying, ‘Thank you! I’m finally home!’”

Pluma at home with Carmen
Pluma sleeping

Now Pluma spends her days cuddling and playing fetch, which Carmen says she can do for hours. “Pluma is truly a lovely cat and has made my home a happy environment,” she adds. “I hope others that are able to care for and provide a clean and healthy home for dogs and cats consider adopting one of the beautiful animals at the ASPCA!”

After years of uncertainty and ever-changing homes, it seems that Pluma has finally found a place to call her own. Carmen says, “I love her so much and I pray that she will be in my life for many years. Thanks again to everyone at the ASPCA for bringing these animals HOME.”

Pluma looking out of a window