ASPCA Happy Tails: Long-Stay Kitty Finds a Home

October 29, 2014

Special-needs animals can make wonderful pets, but they’re not right for every adopter. For proof, look no further than Gia—a sweet, overweight, asthmatic kitty who was adopted and returned multiple times over the course of three years. Though it is hard to see an animal stay at our Adoption Center for so long, it makes it that much more rewarding when they finally find the forever home they deserve. Here is Gia’s Happy Tail.

Gia came to the ASPCA in March 2012 as a transfer from Animal Care & Control of NYC (AC&C). She was just eight months old at the time, but she had already been diagnosed with severe asthma. Because of her condition, Gia needed an adopter who would administer her inhaler two times every day and to keep her on a low-dose steroid prescription for the rest of her life. On top of that, Gia also needed a strict diet, since her extra weight made her already-labored breathing that much more difficult. It was a tall order, but we knew that this pretty kitty was worth the work.

A few weeks after her arrival, Gia was adopted. It was an exciting moment, and we were thrilled to see her find a home. But, sadly, our joy was short-lived: Gia was retuned six months later. Though the adopter had tried her best, she just couldn’t keep up with Gia’s health and felt she would fare better in another home. We brought her back to the Adoption Center and hoped that the perfect person would come along soon.

In November, Gia was adopted again. We waited eagerly for news of a successful transition, but unfortunately, she was returned again—this time, less than two weeks later. Gia had suffered five asthma attacks in the first ten days in her new home, and the adopter was overwhelmed by her needs. Once again, Gia was back at the ASPCA.

A year went by, and then another. We tried everything we could to find sweet Gia a home, but we just couldn’t get the right fit. Finally, in September 2014—nearly three years after Gia’s arrival at the ASPCA—Lorna H. walked through our door.


“We recently moved to New York from overseas and were excited to be in a city that is pet-friendly for renters,” Lorna recalls. Having lived with pets most of her life, she was eager to adopt a feline friend of her own. After arriving, she headed to the ASPCA Adoption Center.

At the Adoption Center, Lorna met Gia and something miraculous happened: After all those years waiting, it was love at first sight! Lorna knew right away that Gia was the one. “When we heard a little of Gia’s story and how long she had been at the shelter, there was no question of adopting her,” she says. “We were not intimidated by her medical concerns, especially after one of the veterinary assistants demonstrated how to administer her inhaler.” She adopted Gia that day and never looked back.

In yet another first for Gia, Lorna’s apartment was a perfect fit, too. “She made herself well and truly at home. In fact, it only took her about five minutes to do so!” Lorna laughs. She renamed her Francesca—Fatty for short—although she is slowly losing some of her excess weight. Francesca now spends her days in one of her many favorite sleeping spots in the house, and Lorna says she is great about letting everyone know when it’s time for her inhaler (and her treats).

Though it took nearly three years to get there, Francesca could not have arrived at a better destination. Lorna says, “She is an absolute angel to have around and we are so pleased she is now a member of our family.” For the first time, we are confident that this kitty’s new home will be the one that lasts forever.

Congratulations, Francesca!

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