ASPCA Happy Tails: A Fresh Start for Aaron

September 10, 2014

For a mini dachshund named Aaron, the road to a “forever home” was anything but smooth. Surrendered to the ASPCA in July 2013, the three-year-old pup was suffering from a whole host of medical problems—including a broken leg—and displayed behavioral issues like aggression and anxiety. We knew that he would need a patient adopter willing to earn his trust, and fortunately, a lifelong dachshund-lover named Marissa was up for the challenge. Here is their Happy Tail.

“Dogs are my passion in life,” says Marissa. She and her then-fiancé, Pete, already had a six-year-old dachshund when they decided they wanted another dog. But with a wedding on the way, Pete thought it would be best to wait until after their honeymoon to adopt a new furry friend. “I agreed, but the second we were home from the honeymoon I started looking for another dachshund,” says Marissa. On that very first night, she found Aaron on the ASPCA website.

“I particularly love dachshunds for all their great traits and endearing quirks, and I figured there was no way a dog as cute as Aaron would still be available,” she says. Sure enough, she called the ASPCA Adoption line at 10:59 A.M. the next day (it opens at 11), to inquire about little Aaron. We invited her to come in for a meeting.

At the meeting, Marissa learned a bit more about Aaron’s history. His previous owner surrendered him to the ASPCA when his myriad medical and emotional needs became more than she could handle. In addition to the leg—which had been broken by another dog before being treated at the ASPCA Animal Hospital—Aaron has a swallowing condition called cricopharyngeal dysfunction that requires twice-daily medication. On top of all that, he was a nervous dog who displayed aggressive behavior toward strangers and other animals. It was a lot of information to receive at one time, but Marissa was unphased. “That sounds like most dachshunds!” she laughed.

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To make absolutely sure that Aaron was the right fit, Marissa asked Pete to come see him right away. “He had a meeting, but knew if he didn’t come to the ASPCA I would probably divorce him,” she jokes. He left work immediately and came to the ASPCA Adoption Center, where Aaron had surprised everyone by becoming friends with Marissa’s other dachshund, Oscar. Watching the two dogs play, we had all the confirmation we needed—this family was a perfect match.

After his adoption, Aaron relaxed happily into his new life. Marissa says, “He fit into our household very easily. He’s an absolute sweetheart and the adjustment went a lot smoother and quicker than we could have imagined.” Aaron seemed to forget his past trauma, and though his condition makes it hard to eat and drink water, the family does everything possible to make his life easier. “I think the love and compassion Aaron received at the ASPCA prepared him for his new life and a permanent home,” says Marissa. “We are so thankful for everything you’ve done for him.”