November 18, 2015

ASPCA Happy Tails: Clover Finds His Luck

For a senior Shepherd named Clover, life in the home of an animal abuser took a physical and emotional toll. After being rescued by the NYPD, he spent more than six months recovering at the ASPCA before finding the perfect adopter—and now this special dog is finally learning what it means to be loved. It took a lifetime of waiting, but here is Clover’s Happy Tail.

On a cold day in February, Clover and four other dogs were rescued from horrific abuse in the Far Rockaway neighborhood of New York City. The dogs were transported to the ASPCA Animal Hospital for immediate treatment, and it was soon apparent that seven-year-old Clover was suffering from a whole host of issues. In addition to being unneutered, he had a heart murmur, a perianal tumor, nodules on his spleen and a history of bladder and prostate infections. What’s more, the sweet Shepherd was very fearful of other dogs and unfamiliar situations. It was clear that life for Clover had been very, very hard.

Over the next six months, Clover received much-needed care at the ASPCA. The tumor resolved after he was neutered, and the spleen nodules proved to be benign. Emotionally, he made progress—but still preferred to stay close to his most trusted people.  After all this lovable pooch had been through, we wanted nothing more than to find him the home of his dreams, and fortunately, in August, we met Maryrose.

Maryrose and her husband adopted their previous dog, Marbles, from the ASPCA 15 years ago. Sadly, Marbles passed away this summer, and they missed the companionship of a canine. “We were very lonesome without Marbles so we came back to the ASPCA to see if we could adopt another dog,” Maryrose says. They hoped to find an older dog in need of a home, and when they spotted Clover it was an instant match. “As we were walking around, there was Clover sitting there so calm and adorable,” she recalls. “It was love at first sight. We took him home that day.”

At his new home in Staten Island, Clover slowly began to explore a kinder, softer world. “At first he would not walk around that much, but now he is feeling more comfortable and is walking all over the house and following me when I get up,” Maryrose reported. The couple bought him two beds—one for under the window (his favorite spot) and one in their bedroom. He is also greatly enjoying his new fenced-in yard. “He is starting to know that this is his home,” Maryrose adds.

Clover’s emotional issues are improving in his new home, as well. Maryrose and her husband found a behaviorist—a retired NYPD Emergency Service K9 trainer—to work with Clover, and everyone is amazed by how far he has come. “When the trainer met Clover he couldn’t believe how mellow he is. He is a sweetheart,” she says. Clover has even fallen in love with Maryrose’s three-year-old grandson, Joey.

In closing, Maryrose says, “Clover is very loveable. He loves to be petted and kissed all the time, and loves the attention.” We’re sure that after a lifetime of abuse, Clover’s warm bed, safe yard and caring family are exactly the attention that this special dog deserves. Congratulations, Clover!