ASPCA Happy Tails: Choosing Chuck

May 6, 2015

Many of you may remember the story of Chuck. In 2013, he was abandoned with hind leg fractures outside of a New York City park. It was a frigid December day, and Chuck, unable to walk, had been left for dead. At the ASPCA Animal Hospital, the 2-year-old pit bull received surgery and underwent intensive physical therapy, and by the summer of 2014 he was ready for a forever home. It was an inspiring recovery, and today we are thrilled to bring you Chuck’s Happy Tail.

ASPCA Happy Tails: Choosing Chuck

The first few years of Chuck’s life were anything but easy. At the time of his abandonment, he was suffering from an untreated joint disease in addition to the painful hind leg fractures. But his rescue from the cold was just the beginning of his journey: It took six months of surgery, hydrotherapy and treadmill work to help him regain the use of his legs, only after which we could begin the search for his forever home. Chuck was a happy, energetic pup, but his needs were extensive and we knew it might take some time to find a dedicated adopter. We decided to share his story with the world, and fortunately, fiancés Joan and Christian heard our message loud and clear.

Joan recalls her first impression of Chuck fondly. “Christian and I saw him on the ASPCA website and cried at his story,” she says. “Within minutes of reading about him and watching his video, we decided to adopt Chuck.” For Christian, the connection was personal. He says, “Chuck’s story hit home with me.  I’ve had a few surgeries on my leg and I have a big pin in my hip…I gravitated right to him.”

Neither Joan nor Christian had been to the ASPCA before, but they couldn’t wait to get to the Adoption Center and meet the 40-lb. pooch in person. “We knew we loved Chuck as soon as we met him,” Joan says. “We wanted to give him a loving home and a chance for a happy life.” Although Chuck had made amazing progress during his six months in our care, he would always have special needs, so we made sure the couple was fully aware of his requirements. They were unshaken. “Who could resist that face?!” Joan laughs.

At the couple’s apartment in Queens, New York, Chuck made himself right at home. “It was as if he’d lived with us forever,” says Joan. The sweet pup is loving his new life and seems to have forgotten all about the hardship he’s been through. He’s got a constant smile and wagging tail, and Joan says, “Christian and I couldn’t be more in love with him. We were meant to be.”

To see Chuck in his happy new home, check out the video below. Congratulations, Chuck!