March 16, 2016

ASPCA Happy Tails: Angelo’s Second Act

Life for Angelo has not always been easy. This snow-white cat spent most of his youth in the home of a hoarder, and many years of neglect had tragic ramifications on his health and wellbeing. Thankfully, the ASPCA got to Angelo just in time, and it wasn’t long before the perfect adopter came along and saw his potential. Now, Angelo is living the life of his dreams. Here is his Happy Tail.

When the ASPCA rescued Angelo in June 2015, it was immediately clear that the hoarder’s home had taken its toll on him. Not only was he very thin with patchy fur, he was also functionally blind and suffering from ear issues, skin issues, a heart problem, allergies and diarrhea. In addition, Angelo had a form of facial asymmetry known as Horner’s syndrome. Responders on the scene estimated him to be about 15 years old.

Angelo was taken to the ASPCA Animal Hospital, where he ultimately stayed for more than four months. It was there that our staff realized that Angelo was not 15 at all—he was more likely closer to six or seven! The severity of his neglect had made the sweet, social cat appear much older than he really was. 

At the Hospital, Angelo’s treatment included the surgical removal of an ear polyp, medication for pain and inflammation, a lamb diet for soft stool and a neuter operation. Despite his many misfortunes, Angelo was a pleasure to be around. He was curious, playful and social, and he loved to snuggle and be pet. Our staff quickly fell for the resilient kitty, and in October, he was placed into our Office Foster program so he could enjoy even more one-on-one time with people. We knew that regardless of what he had been through, Angelo had all the makings of a perfect pet.

In November, we were thrilled to see Angelo hit the adoption jackpot in the form of Rebecca and Scott of Brooklyn, New York. The animal-lovers had been talking about adopting a pet for a while, and decided that a feline companion was ideal for their lifestyle. “We decided to stop by the ASPCA to see what our options were,” Rebecca says. “The staff really cares about finding the perfect pet for you.”

On the couple’s second visit to our Adoption Center, an ASPCA staffer asked if they had met Angelo yet. “The ASPCA employee was not short of wonderful things to say about Angelo, and every employee we came into contact with felt the same way,” Rebecca recalls. “To think that an animal was so adored by people who see tons of animals come in and out of the shelter all the time—we knew he must have been something special.” 

Rebecca and Scott met Angelo that day, and the rest, as they say, is history: “Even with all of his ailments—a heart murmur, a head tilt, an eye squint and a crooked walk—it was still love at first sight!” says Rebecca. They adopted Angelo on November 11 and changed his name to Alexander Hamilton.

In the weeks that followed, Alexander blossomed in his new home. Rebecca tells us, “He adjusted amazingly! He’s now king of his own castle.” She says that he makes himself comfortable wherever he pleases, and that he loves to nap in silly places all around the apartment. What’s more, many of his issues, including the Horner’s syndrome and patchy fur, healed up under Scott and Rebecca’s care. “It is a testament to how comfortable he is in his new home,” she says. 

Photo Credit: Girls And Their Cats

After so many years of suffering, we can’t think of anything that Alexander deserves more than a loving, happy home to call his own. Rebecca beams, “It felt so natural to have Alexander Hamilton as our new pet. We can’t believe we ever lived without him.” We are certain that this special cat feels exactly the same way. 

Photo Credit: Girls And Their Cats